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Why Avast Antivirus Is Totally Worth Downloading?

Millions of users trust Avast with their devices along with personal information. There are free and premium options to fit anyone’s budget and bring high-quality protection to every user. Let’s learn about some peculiarities of the software and discover its pros & cons in this Avast antivirus review.

Highlights of the program

Avast is a widespread solution among both inexperienced and advanced users. The default settings bring enough protection for everyday browsing. However, the settings are configurable enough for users who have precise demands and requests.

The antivirus supports major operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and Android. It’s also very convenient in case you’ve got devices that run on different platforms and you wish to buy one antivirus for all of them.

This program stands out offering multiple layers of protection from malware and other kinds of online threats. For instance, a security plug-in. The feature makes your browser automatically detect and block all kinds of suspicious websites including phishing sites.

There is also a new feature called Passive Mode. It runs many security products simultaneously meaning you can use other antivirus tools without conflicts.

Premium version delivers extra utilities like a VPN, Game Mode, Safe Browser, Password Manager, Personal Firewall, etc. Smartphone users additionally get optimizers with the application. A user may contact the support team via phone or email.

The advantages of choosing Avast Antivirus

Firstly, the software delivers almost excellent protection from different kinds of malware and other online threats.

Secondly, the free edition is packed with features unlike we see in offers from other antivirus companies. It even has a password manager and a safe browser as a part of the bundle.

Thirdly, Avast offers a convenient app for smartphones and tablets so that a user could cover all devices with one kind of software. The app has tons of features and is configurable enough as well.

Independent testing labs agree that this antivirus engine is great at detecting and stopping malware, phishing sites, and other threats.

Besides, the program has Do Not Disturb Mode. The feature blocks all kinds of notifications. It comes in handy when watching movies, playing video games, etc. Whenever a user needs to work and doesn’t wish to be distracted by anything, this mode is a great helper.

Despite having so many features and tools, the software is very lightweight and doesn’t have much impact on the device’s performance.

The disadvantages of choosing Avast Antivirus

Like any other antivirus solution, Avast has a zone for growth. There are a few drawbacks one cannot ignore. Let’s sum them up:

  • The absence of the auto scan for newly connected devices. It’s a real bummer for users who often use people’s flash drives, external hard drives, etc. A user has to launch a manual scan;
  • The boost scan is time-consuming. Other similar antivirus programs show better results. Avast is not in the lead here.
  • A free edition doesn’t have a personal firewall. While the package has a lot to offer, a firewall is not one of the available features. Yet, almost no antivirus companies offer this as a part of the free bundle.

Bottom line

Avast Antivirus is worth your attention for many reasons. It’s a trustworthy solution that comes with a selection of features. Independent testing labs also proved it scores high detecting and stopping threats and malware. unless the drawbacks from this review are crucial for you, Avast is a good choice.