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What do you know about avast whitelist?

Most users actively use antiviruses to ensure the security of the system, passwords, files. Good anti-virus software can always provide protection at a high level, which also depends on the actions of the user. Many applications give the choice of what to do with malware, in their opinion, with a program or files. But some do not stand on ceremony and immediately remove suspicious objects and potential threats.

The problem is that every defense can be wasted by finding a harmless program dangerous. If the user is sure of the security of the file, then he should try to put it in the exception. Many antivirus programs do this in different ways. So, today we are writing this article by questioning you “What do you know about Avast whitelist?”

Step by step guide to add the file to exceptions

To add a folder to antivirus exceptions, you need to delve a little in the settings. Also, it should be borne in mind that each protection has its own interface, which means that the way to add a file may differ from other popular antiviruses.

Avast Free Antivirus has a good looking design and many features that can be useful to any user to protect their own and system data. You can add not only programs to Avast, but also links from sites that you think are safe and unfairly blocked.

  • To exclude a program, go to ?Settings? – ?General? – ?Exceptions?.
  • In the “File Path” tab, click on “Browse” and select the directory of your program.

Suppose you are installing a program and suddenly the Avast antivirus detected the program as virus and attempted to delete the program. What you need to do is check the program for virus online. To do so, go to the website virustotal.com. If the program is detected as a virus, do not proceed further. If the file is safe, you can whitelist the program in the Avast following the given steps.

If the URL gets blocked but you think that it is safe for browsing, all you need to do is check whether the URL consists of malicious scripts or not by going to the Virus Total website and typing its address. If the URL is safe, you can easily whitelist it inside the Avast antivirus by using the Avast whitelist feature that is provided.

Most of the users think of disabling the antivirus if the program is detected as a virus accidentally but we do not recommend our readers to do so. If you disable the antivirus even for a second, the malicious scripts can enter into the computer’s storage and start attacking. When you enable the antivirus, it can sometimes be late for saving the computer from virus attack.

Sometimes, you may forget to enable the antivirus and there will be a high risk of being attacked by the viruses. Hope you became clear on the Avast Whitelist and liked the article.