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TotalAV Review

It is a matter of a fact that today the online protection of your PC has became one of the most important things to consider when you use the internet. With all those malware software spread around the information in the world we all need a reliable tool to protect our privacy and financial data no matter what. 

Now all completely depend on the mobile phones to carry out even the simplest transactions, such as purchase of products or receiving trips. Because of it became need to save itself from the digital attacks. It includes everything: from cracking, to a fishing and even espionage. TotalAV Essential Antivirus developed by Total of AV can provide big protection of your devices(all informatioan from biggest TotalAV review)


Should admit, it is not a problem which I often face. TotalAV Essential Antivirus did not take too much time for installation, but it was even longer, than it was expected. Even several seconds can seem that life for the impatient user. Even more the fact that as soon as the program was installed, before start of the program additional loadings were required irritates. It can seem not such big business, and, frankly speaking, it not so. However it is impossible to deny that it has an adverse effect on work of the user.

Extended Version Features

Total AV can be a very useful solution to use on your PC or any other device if you manage to install the extended version which provides all users with additional features that allow you to protect your internet activity and all other kinds of actions from malicious software: 

  • extended protection protocols
  • broader usage of algorithms to find leaks in the PC protection

That is not the full list of what you can count on if you download an install the extended version of the Total AV antivirus and it is only up to you how to use the probabilities and opportunities provide buy the advanced solution from Total AV manufacturers. 

Most of the features you can find in the outstanding extended version of the solution are very valuable and very protective, however, there is one issue any user has to know about. The majority of them are not available for the free version which means that you only get a really valuable help in protecting your Pc if you have bought a licensed program. 

Other Observations

One more thing we all need to consider when choosing the solution for our own use is a usability which includes smooth performance and pleasant design. That’s what you really can find in the new Total Av solution, so you can choose it among all other antiviruses. However the interface has some problems. Probably, small lag in reaction is the most irritating. It is not such a big deal, but it does the program slow and logs. If you are able to afford the program, make the picture, but be ready to some problems.