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How to disable and uninstall Avast

Avast Antivirus stands among the popular and trusted antivirus proving a clean user interface and various security features. The one month trial attracts many of us to give a try to this famous antivirus program. In this article, we are explaining to you how to disable and uninstall Avast in 2019.

We come across the phase when we need to disable the antivirus. Most of the times, we may not get the official source for downloading the programs and the antivirus may think the program as malware. Disabling the antivirus is the only method to get rid of the problem caused. Instead of disabling the antivirus, you can try whitelisting instead. This may not work every time but most of the times, it can be a very useful feature for you without disabling the antivirus.

Short instruction how to disable Avast

Let’s explain the step by step solution on how to disable Avast in 2019.

Navigate to the taskbar and search for the avast icon.

Avast icon may be hidden for which you need to click the arrow to show the remaining icons of the programs.

Right click on the orange colored Avast icon and select Avast Shields Control.

Select the option to disable.

There are four options for disabling which are disabling for ten minutes, one hour, until the computer restarts or permanently.

We recommend you to go with ten minutes or one hour as the job will be done in a short time.

Now, for confirmation, click on yes. Then, you are done.

What if you want to enable the antivirus before the time period selected above?

It is really easy to enable antivirus. Click on the Avast antivirus icon from the taskbar present on the lower-left corner of the screen or you can also open the Avast antivirus from the desktop icon directly. Then, click on the green button saying “Resolve”. Now, the antivirus will be active again. Wasn’t this really easy process?

Short instruction how to uninstall Avast

Now, for some reasons, you may have a will of uninstalling the antivirus. Here is a step by step guide on how to uninstall Avast antivirus.

First Method on how to uninstall Avast

Remove avast completely with AvastClear

The fastest way to eliminate Avast from your computer is by using the Avastclear tool, developed by the company itself to support all those users who have not been able to successfully uninstall Avast, follow these steps:

Download Avastclear clicking the link below.

Restart your Windows computer in safe mode.

Run Avastclear.

Select the folder where you installed Avast.

Click on “Remove “.

Note: Make sure you select the folder where the Avast antivirus is installed because if you select another by mistake, you will erase everything inside the folder.

Use windows to uninstall Avast

Another way to uninstall Avast is by using the Windows assistant, to do this, follow these steps that we put you below:

Click on the “Start ” menu of Windows and then enter “This Pc” or “Control Panel”.

Inside the “This PC” or “Control Panel” folder click on the “Uninstall or change a program” tab.

Search for ” Avast Free Antivirus ” in the list of programs.

Select ” Avast Free Antivirus ” from the list and right click on it selecting ” Uninstall “.

In the warning that opens from Avast, click on “Uninstall “.

Remember that to remove Avast from your Windows computer, the best way is the first, making use of Avast Clear, the official tool of Avast, which avoids all common problems when performing a complete uninstall of the antivirus.