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Building Dog House Review 

The lodge for a dog is not only an accessory, but also personal, lonely space of the pet. It can be bought in pet-shop, and it is possible to make independently. How to make a cozy lodge for a dog with own hands?

There is a lot of options and for every taste. The main thing — in advance define how the dog house will be used. This answers u can find in dog house review. For the street use the wooden box, and the best of all will be suitable for the apartment — a soft lodge. At the same time indoors to big dogs will be for certain more comfortable in a plank bed while particles of small and average breeds which can suggest to settle in the closed lodge.

Types of lodges

Box. The street lodge can be made of a tree, metal or a brick. The most popular material for production is after all the tree. It is explained by simplicity of work with it and environmental friendliness.

Special attention should be paid to the box sizes. For big dogs it is important to leave some space so that the pet could stretch, turn over and get up inside.

If the pet lives on the street all the year round, it makes sense to make two options of the box — winter and summer. The box on cold season has to be warm. Walls can be made double to use between them heater. It is also important to think over a warm floor covering and protection on an entrance so that to the box didn’t blow and rain water and snow didn’t get. Tarpaulin perfectly will be suitable for this purpose.

House lodge. The lodge for the apartment can be both soft, and rigid. Material selection is limited to imagination of the owner of a dog. Today the soft lodges consisting of a stove bench and a roof of type of a cradle enjoy wide popularity. It is possible to resort to small cunning and not to sew a roof to a stove bench, and to pin it. Then in hot weather it can be cast away, having turned a lodge into an open stove bench.

Simpler option for production of a lodge — a cardboard box and plywood. However there is in it and minus: cardboard too well absorbs smells so such box should be changed often.

What to pay attention to:

  • Heat and comfort. In a lodge there has to be a mattress and a laying. They not only will make it cozier, but also will provide to a dog warmth in cold season.
  • Timely hygiene. The lodge for a dog needs to be cleaned at least once in a month: erase mattresses and laying, wipe walls from dust and dirt. It should be considered at production: for example, it is much more convenient if the roof is removable, folding or comes unfastened.
  • Place. Choosing where to place a lodge of a dog, it is necessary to avoid drafts and too noisy places. The same recommendations concern also the box. Besides from it there has to be a good review of all yard. It is desirable to place it under a tree or a canopy. There the dog will be able to take cover from the sun or a rain.
  • Details. Choosing fabric, pay attention to its structure. Synthetic materials can call an allergy for an animal and also excessive electrization of wool. Especially it is relevant in the winter when the apartment is filled with dry air. It is the best of all to use the natural fabrics safe for the favourite.