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Avast Ultimate vs Avg Ultimate

What the best antivirus for your devices?

Both Avast and AVG Ultimate are well-known antivirus and are trusted by many users in terms of security. Today we are reviewing these antivirus programs and comparing them in different aspects. Let’s get started on avast ultimate vs avg ultimate. Our main questions

– is AVG good?
– is McAfee good?

Avast Ultimate included all the features provided by the Avast for security. It is the mixture of the Avast premier suite and utilities like clean-up, VPN and password manager provide by Avast. Similarly, AVG Ultimate packs all the features provided by AVG in terms of security. It is the mixture of Internet Security and TuneUp Utilities provided by AVG. You need to pay extra for VPN in AVG.

Features Comparison

So, both the antivirus programs have the maximum number of features in comparison to other security products provided by the respective company. Due to extra charge for VPN, Avast wins in terms of features provided. Both of the antivirus programs use the technology of signature matching for detecting malicious programs like viruses, rootkit, spyware, malware and so on. The method used is very fruitful.

All the antivirus programs need to run in the background for real-time protection against the viruses. They should not consume too much memory which makes the computer really slow for doing different tasks. So, the memory consumption of the antivirus program should also be considered to find better antivirus for daily use. The size of the antivirus helps to determine the memory consumption. Lower sized programs are regarded as good.

In terms of consumption of the resources, both of the antivirus programs are good. They are lightweight antivirus programs without any sacrifice in the features provided. Both of the programs are fast in performance and detection of the malicious programs in the device.  So, in terms of the consumption of memory, both antivirus programs are in the same position as they do really well in terms of consumption of available resources.

Price Comparison

The total price of Avast Ultimate is $119.99 whereas that of AVG Ultimate is $79.99 per year. The price of AVG is really less in comparison to that of Avast. Both of the antivirus programs are under the same company, Avast. According to CNET, Avast has been downloaded for more than 411 Million times and AVG for more than 564 Million times. Avast has a better user rating of 4.5 in comparison to AVG having a rating of 4.

Finally Thought

Finally, it’s time to decide which antivirus is better in all the aspects. A premium version of antivirus is required for the users for enhanced security features. Both AVG and Avast promise their users to provide the best security online as well as offline with real-time protection against viruses, adware and so on. Now, let’s make a final decision between the two programs.

As we have already stated that both the antivirus programs are almost the same in terms of security. Now, we need to look at the price of the annual subscription to the ultimate plans of Avast and AVG. We see that AVG is priced lower than the Avast Ultimate. So, due to the much affordable price, AVG wins the race.

AVG is also provided by the same company Avast. You do not need to worry on the updates being provided to the AVG as it is trusted and used by so many people worldwide. Hope you found the article helpful.