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Avast cleanup premium review

What is Avast Cleanup?

Avast Cleanup is a tool designed cleaning safely with prevention to the risk of data loss. It is also regarded as the tool for the safe removal of unnecessary data to get rid of trash to free up space with the adjustment of the registry and optimization of the system for the speed increment of your computer.

Without additional cleaning, which could remove the remnants, the programs after deleting leave a large amount of data in the registry, which can lead to a decrease in computer performance and an increase in the amount of disk space. Avast Cleanup can thoroughly delete unnecessary files and tune the system to speed up performance.

Features of Avast Cleanup Premium

Removal of unwanted files as well as cookies

The modern interface of the application displays all three functions of Avast Cleanup, designed to clean your computer, optimize and customize the schedule of tasks.

After the analysis is complete, the cleaning tool will display the total number of detected files, browser cache, add-ons, as well as download history and visits. Cleanup shows outdated programs and driver packages shared DLLs and analyzes system logs to free up as much disk space as possible.

Avast Cleanup detects tracking cookies that are set in browsers and determines if there are any objects with a bad reputation among them. Depending on the results of the scan, cleaning may take more or less time.

Optimize your system and plan new scans.

Avast Cleanup has an ability to find the harmful programs, old registry entry and so on. The system optimization may require restarting the computer. In addition, a reboot is required to complete the cleaning process.

Additionally, the user can customize the start of cleaning at a certain time so that the process does not affect daily activities. The Disk Doctor feature allows you to check the hard disk for errors and then fix them automatically. Regular disk check prevents unplanned data loss.

After some time, each user is faced with the need to speed up the computer, and Avast Cleanup is just designed for this purpose. The product can optimize the registry and system settings, improve computer performance and speed up boot.


  • High efficiency in detecting garbage – remnants of remote programs, temporary files, etc.
  • Simple interface consisting of three categories. Each of them is responsible for one function – cleaning, optimization or scheduler;
  • Detection of erroneous system settings and potentially dangerous applications.


  • Performing cleanup and optimization operations often involve the need to restart the computer, which consumes the user’s time;
  • There are problems with the stability of the application.

So, it is a safe cleaning tool that needs improvements. If you are looking for a cleanup tool bundled with features, Avast Cleanup Premium can be a good choice for you. Its pricing is $50 for a year. If you are an experienced user, it is not the program you should go for. You can clean the registry and temporary files yourself using the system tools windows provides. There is a cheaper alternative as well.

You can get CCleaner which is owned by Avast itself. It also has a free plan and its premium plan costs only $14.99 and is worth the price. Therefore, we don’t recommend you to pay $50 a year just for the premium version of the cleanup tool.